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Are you looking for the North Queensland Dream, this rare opportunity offers:
* A combined land area of 1,411m2 (63 Shutehaven @ 680m2 and 22 Cashell 731m2) elevated blocks, with uninterrupted views of:
- Cape Pallarenda
- Magnetic Island
- Palm group of Islands
* Plenty of room for everything (pool / shed / house / tropical gardens / separation from neighbours)
* Ocean breezes
* Dual Street access, on a quiet loop road off Goicoechea Drv for the Cashell property and Shutehaven for the lower block.
* 10 minute walk to Bus Stop utilised by multiple school and public services
* 10 minute walk to shops
* 20 minute walk to the Bushland Beach Tavern and Beach
* Close to schools, services and everything the greater Townsville region has to offer

Bushland Beach has plenty to offer a family looking for better lifestyle. It is difficult to resist the opportunity to walk to the beautiful North Queensland beaches that extend as far as the eye can see.

Detailed survey has been undertaken, with the files ready to be shared with the successful buyer. Inspect any time - you won't be disappointed.

If interested, please contact Isaac Trueman on 0412 205 344.

The options / opportunities are endless:
1. Single dwelling with a combined land area of 1,411m2 (63 Shutehaven @ 680m2 and 22 Cashell 731m2) – plenty of room for the pool, shed, gardens, multi car garage, tennis court etc etc with access from both streets.
2. Two separate houses:
a. Concept design developed for the 22 Cashell property and happy to share proposed concept and innovation with the buyer.
b. The benefit of building a house on 63 Shutehaven is that the design is developed to protect the views and value of the 22 Cashell property. The second house could be:
i. A future investment property
ii. Second house for extended family
* The ‘in-laws’ to keep the willing babysitters close and convenient
* The kid’s young family to keep the grandkids close and give you the opportunity to see the grandkids grow up
iii. Simply build to sell and recover cost

Have you ever dreamed of your own “Grand Design” project? For family reasons we are unable to complete this amazing opportunity. We are happy to share the initial concepts/plans and innovations with the land and we are sure the many natural benefits of the land will inspire other ideas from the new owners. Main features and benefits of the dual land parcels are:

1. Both parcels are NE facing blocks – ideal orientation for Tropical NQ with uninterrupted sea breezes
2. Uninterrupted views across to Magnetic Island
3. For the single house option or depending on the relationship (ie extended family) between the 2 houses, a connection between the 2 properties could be established to allow you to swing easily between the two streets
4. Options to stage the construction of the two houses:
a. Build the investment property 1st and live in while 22 Cashell gets built.
b. Build and sell the 63 Shutehaven property to reinvest into the 22 Cashell property to reduce loan costs.
c. Build the 22 Cashell property 1st and take your time to build the 63 Shutehaven property while the ‘in-laws’ relocate from down south
5. Full detailed survey of both blocks has been completed with this to be provided to the successful buyer. This will enable you to start designing your dream “Grand Design” immediately
6. Innovative design concepts suited to the 22 Cashell property:
a. Rainwater harvesting
b. Pool area features (retractable cover / inbuilt trampoline / infinity design)
c. Infinity hedge (miracle fruit) feature to conceal the retaining wall and fence.
d. Acoustic design
e. Automatic airflow design concept
f. Solar and wind power capture
g. Drip irrigation with liquid fertiliser concept
h. Designed for robotic mowing
i. Designed to maximise the existing ground shape to limit excavation and generate the greatest possible habitable floor space
7. TCC have joined the parcels together under the 63 Shutehaven block (see TCC IMaps), with rates discounted